Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Policy

1. About this policy
1.1 This policy sets out how Electric Vehicles (EV) should be recharged while at the Property and responsibilities of EV owners in respect of safe charging.
1.2 Any reference to ‘Property’ in this policy is a reference to the Property including any garden, grounds, outbuildings, garages or communal spaces.
1.3 This policy forms part of our contract with you. A breach of this policy will constitute a breach of the contract between us.

2. Who does this policy apply to?
2.1 This policy applies to all members of the Booking Party and such other visitors of the Property. It shall be the responsibility of the Lead Guest to inform all members of the Booking Party and any visitors of this policy.

3. What is an Electric Vehicle?
3.1 For the purpose of this policy an EV is any vehicle that uses electric motors, either fully or partially, to drive its wheels. It will drive some or all of its power from rechargeable batteries which requires connection to the electricity grid (plug-in). This includes fully chargeable and plug-in hybrid cars, motorbikes, buggies, scooters, mopeds, bicycles, utility vehicles and tracked vehicles.

4. Domestic chargers are not permitted at the Property
4.1 Most EVs are supplied with a domestic charger, commonly known as a ‘granny charger’ or a ‘trickle charger’. These cables recharge the EV using a domestic power source via a 3-pin wall socket.
4.2 Domestic chargers are not suitable for use in the Property and will create a fire hazard. The use of domestic chargers is strictly forbidden.
4.3 We retain the right to carry out reasonable inspection, on a without notice basis, to ensure that granny chargers are not in use in the property.
4.4 You are solely liable for any damage or loss suffered by us as a result of your unauthorised use of domestic chargers.

5. Dedicated charging points
5.1 Unless stated in the description for the Property, we do not offer on-site charging facilities at any of our Properties and you must make your own arrangements for EV charging. The local charge points are located at the following places :
– 1 by Adnams Brewery on Cumberland Road, in the car park by the recycling banks

– 2 at Reydon Village Hall on Lowestoft Road (1 at the front, 1 at the rear)

The nearest fast charger is at Darsham Petrol Station, on the A12, 9 miles from Southwold heading South. 

For further information about charging point locations, we recommend using the ZapMap app.

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